6 Retargetting Strategies Your Business Can Implement Today

What is Retargeting?

The best way to envisage retargeting is to imagine this scenario:

A random woman walks into your store for the first time…

She’s impressed by the layout of the store and the quality of the products on show, so she decides to have a cheeky browse through…

She keeps looking until finally, she finds one product in particular that sparks her interest!

She likes what she sees so she picks up the packaging, looks at how much it costs, likes the price, and just as she’s about to walk to the counter to pay…


She gets distracted.

(Baby starts crying, phone starts ringing, she remembers she needs to pick up the kids from school… the possibilities for her getting distracted are endless!)

So, she decides to politely put the product down back in its place and quickly rushes out the store!

And unfortunately, what could have been a high value customer to the business…

Leaves the store without purchasing the product, never to be seen again.

And due to the amount of distractions and notifications people receive online…

This tragic scenario happens to businesses every single day in the online world as only 3% of website visitors end up taking action on their first visit.


Imagine if once this person left your store, and on their drive home they saw a billboard of your brand, your message, with the EXACT product that they were looking at in your store with an irresistible offer that was tailored to THEM!

Do you think that would increase the chances of that customer returning and then making a purchase?

Well, that’s exactly how retargeting advertisements work online!

But instead of an ad appearing on a billboard… a more accurate analogy would be an ad that smashes straight into their windscreen and appears in the form of exciting visual content!

With retargeting advertisements this is exactly what you can do with the 97% of website visitors who leave your website without taking action!

Potential customers are finding your website through your expensive SEO campaigns, PPC campaigns, Social Media campaigns, content marketing campaigns, Offline marketing campaigns, networking marketing campaigns, billboards, TV campaigns, brochures, magazines, you name it… All of which you spend hundreds, if not THOUSANDS on!

But due to their short attention spans, the sheer amount of neurotic notifications and distractions people receive constantly, and the amount of competitors they are able to choose from in their Google searches – 97% of them are leaving your website without doing the very thing you want them to do…

Which is take action! Whether that be to fill out a lead form, purchase a product, or opt-in to your email newsletter.

But not only that… once this person leaves your website, chances are they will often completely forget about your business, and unless they have had a fantastic experience while on your website – they’ll most likely never return ever again.

And all those thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours you spent on your marketing campaigns to drive this person on to your website, end up becoming a complete waste.

How can a Retargeting System help?

Having a retargeting system in place allows you to follow these website visitors (who didn’t take action on your website) around the internet with compelling advertisements across multiple platforms with the purpose of driving them back on to the site and taking that desired ACTION.

While also giving you the opportunity to target advertisements back at them based on what pages or products they viewed on the site. How amazing is that?

This way not only do you end up getting more efficient use out of the thousands spent on your expensive marketing campaigns…

But you also make more money too!

Because these people have already visited your website before. They already know you, like you, trust you, and are familiar with you and your brand!

That’s why when they come back onto your website, they’re far more likely to make a purchase or enquiry!

But here’s the tragedy…

We see thousands of business each day spending huge amounts of money in order to get more clicks onto their website. (Sometimes £25 a click or more!)

And end up wasting it because they have no retargeting system in place!

They’re spending £25 for someone to see that website, but have no way of following up with that person if they leave!?

Imagine if your salesman missed out on a huge quote all because they forgot to follow up with the prospect.

And just like not following up with prospects, not having a retargeting system in place is simply irresponsible!

But don’t worry…

This short and sweet guide will help you turn your website into a well-oiled following-up machine by providing you with the tools you and your marketing team need to implement a retargeting system for your business today!

Tip #1: Facebook Pixel

Have you ever had it when you’re shopping online and then you see the exact thing you were looking at later on your Facebook or Instagram feed?

This is because of the Facebook Pixel!

The Facebook Pixel is a little bit of code that you stick on the pages of your website.

This code collects and tracks all the Facebook and Instagram users (2.5 Billion and 1 Billion users respectively) that have visited these pages.

Then when these users start to use the social media platforms again and start scrolling through their news feed… et voila! They see your ad!

And the best thing is, it’s quick and easy to install!

Here’s a guide from Facebook on how to install a Pixel code on to your website: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/952192354843755?id=1205376682832142

Tip #2: Google Remarketing

Similarly to Facebook, Google also allows you to retarget advertisements to people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app as they browse Google or its partner websites!

These ads will appear when their browsing Youtube in the form of a video ad, or even in the form of a banner ad once they’re visiting their favourite blog or website.

To do this, again you’ll have to start off by adding a piece of code onto your website. These pieces of code that Google give you are called Google Tags. And the particular code snippet you will need is: the global site tag and the optional event snippet.

On more information on how to tag your site for remarketing I highly recommend reading these particular instructions (as there are so many that may not be relevant to you!) and get a trusted developer to do it for you: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2476688

Tip #3: LinkedIn Pixel or Insight Tag

Again, just like Facebook. LinkedIn also provides a code that you can stick on your website and target advertisements on LinkedIn at people who have visited your site.

When certain LinkedIn users visit your website, they’ll see your ad again when they scroll through their LinkedIn news feed!

The code is called a LinkedIn Insight Tag.

To install this code onto your website follow this guide: https://www.linkedin.com/help/lms/answer/65513

Tip #4: Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a B2B lead generation software service that tracks who has visited your website, and gives you the company information of that person that has visited your site.

The way this works is:

Lead Forensics has one of the largest databases in the world on business IP addresses.

Every computer has a unique IP address.

Using their technology they’re able to assign the IP address of the person who has visited your site with the business that they work for. Then their software will also provide you with all their company information, and the names and contact details of each person in that business.

This gives you the opportunity to follow up with a phone call or contact the company employee that has visited your website, but didn’t necessarily take action.

Here’s their website for more information: https://www.leadforensics.com/

Tip #5: Irresistible Offer (Lead Magnet) & Email Marketing

May sound like a simple one… 

But there are still so many businesses out there who are not making enough effort to collect emails on their landing pages.

And once they collect these emails, they have no monetisation strategy in place to help them get the most out of their email list.

An email list is an extremely valuable asset to any business, and provides a channel to communicate with your potential customers directly.

To collect more emails we suggest coming up with an irresistible offer on your website page where your target market will be more than happy to exchange their email address in order to receive a piece of free content from you that would be of great value to them.

What you come up with for your irresistible offer all depends on what your business does – but try and think between you and your team:

“What can we give away for free that a visitor will absolutely LOVE and will be more than happy to give up their email address for?”

“What HUGE pain point can we help solve for our target market, that we can help solve for them through a piece of content?”

The piece of content you use is also completely up to you. It can be a video training, a PDF guide, a checklist, an article, an infographic… anything that you think will get that information across in the best way!

This way, not only have you generated a lead and obtained an email. But you also provide a way in which you can build a relationship with that lead, warm them up, provide massive value to them, and they will be far more receptive to what you have to offer before they contact you/you contact them.

Small tip: Once you obtain their emails, try and make the email newsletters you send out conversational, engaging or entertaining. Don’t just spam them with ads that end up in the junk folder with the rest of them! 

Tip #6: Live Chat Function & Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing & Chat Bots has been around for a few years now and is becoming more and more popular!

Messenger Marketing is a method of marketing to your customers through instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

And Chatbots are the technology that allow you to do so.

The public consciousness is now getting more used to Chatbots and NOW is the time to really capitalise on the opportunity before your competitors do!

On a platform where we have achieved 95%+ Open Rates and 75%+ Click Through Rates for our clients – Messenger Marketing allows you to market to your customers on platforms they use far more regularly than email, and where the notification is far more prominent.

Messenger Marketing provides a an excellent way to follow up with your website visitors for this reason.

But in order to do that you will need to collect Messenger Marketing subscribers.

A good way of doing this is using ManyChat.com to create a Facebook Live Chat function on your website – with a Chatbot that helps automate some of your customer service.

Each person that then interacts with the Live Chat function will become a Messenger Marketing subscriber who you can then remarket to with a broadcast message. Or you can even reach out to them and message them directly and have a one-to-one conversation through Facebook Messenger.

Thanks for reading – now start retargeting!

We suggest giving this article to your marketing or web development team to help you set up a retargeting system right away!

If you need help setting up these retargeting systems, would like us to take care of it for you, or would like a retargeting systems strategy in place – our team at Funnel Flow will be happy to assist.


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